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CAT High-Pressure Pumps

CAT Pumps are so tough and long-lasting, they cleverly describe them as the “pumps with 9 lives.” It’s not just a tagline, though, they absolutely live up their claims of durability and longevity. They specialize in quality plunger, piston, and centrifugal pumps with high pressure ratings. Premium components like specially formulated seals and high density polished ceramic plungers are markers of CAT’s attention to detail.

CAT has employed a zero-defect approach to manufacturing since their inception, and they build their pumps in ISO 9001 certified facilities. Products are fully tested to performance specifications before they are ever shipped. Not only do you start out with a great pump, with proper attention it will stay a great pump for many years. If you do regular maintenance and use OEM repair parts, it’s common for CAT Pumps to last a decade or longer. For that reason, CAT Pumps are trusted in the most demanding environments like car washes and pressure washing!

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