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Hose Guards

Extend the life of your hoses by equipping them with hose guards. These devices are added to the ends of hose near the connections of equipment such as spray guns, high wear sections, or the entire length of the hose. They protect from rough surfaces such as the ground, walls, curbs, and more! We stock a wide variety of hose protectors such as PVC guards, spring guards, grip protectors, full length sleeve coverings, and balls so you can choose a product to meet the needs of your business. Each style offers high performance and reliability.

Installing PVC Hose Guards:

  • Heat it to soften the rubber and allow it to expand. You can either run it under very hot water for several minutes or use heat gun. Be careful not to melt the rubber when using the heat gun.
  • Once softened, move the guard over the fitting and work it onto the hose.
  • Keep working it down until the hose guard fully exposes the threads and nut.
  • Once installed, flexibility of the hose at the stress point is reduced drastically which increases its life.