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Unloaders and Regulators from CAT Pumps

CAT brand regulators and unloaders are important accessories to maintain consistent pressure levels and spiking that can damage equipment. These simple but effective devices bypass or reroute excess pressure. CAT high-pressure pumps produce an intense amount of pressure and power, so it's very important to regulate them to protect your equipment.


More on CAT Pressure Regulators and Unloaders

Unsure about your need or the purpose of a pressure regulator or unloader? Check out this video, give this blog a read for some useful information. If you have questions or need help selecting the right part for your setup, give our tech support team a call for guidance or check out our live chat!

CAT Pump Regulator Manuals

Manufacturer data sheets are invaluable when it comes to maintenance, repairs and more for your CAT Pumps pressure regulators. These sheets include parts diagrams, features, and instructions for installation, adjustments, selection, operation, and servicing these products. You'll find manuals/data sheets for your equipment on our product page below the pricing information.