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Adjustable Link V Belts

A unique solution to pump vibration, standard Link V-belts feature links that won't mold to the shape of the pulley when the pump is off. Normal belts can lead to vibration when a pump starts rotation again. With individual links, they move separately, which dissipates the force on the link belt that would cause your typical one-piece V-belt to vibrate during operation.

Even more useful for users, link V-belts can be easily adjusted to match the length you need. To add or remove a section, all you need to do is twist the tab and fit it through the slot and twist it again to lock it into place. This also allows the link style V-belt to be easily adjusted to fit perfectly between engine and pump, without any tools. On top of that, this also means the belt is easy to repair in the field. If a link breaks, simply remove the broken link and add a new one in its place. If you have extra links on hand, you can get back to work quickly without having to visit the store or wait for a new belt to ship.

On top of all this, link v link belts are resistant to abrasion and offer extreme strength for heavy duty applications. They are resistant to oil, dirt, moisture, and some chemicals, making them perfect for applications including power transmission, woodworking, ventilation fans, metal working, agricultural, packaging, marine, conveying, pulp and lumber, oil field, line-shaft drives, flat glass handling, machine tools, pumps and more!. They are perfect for just about any pump that operates using pulleys and belts. We carry 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch widths, in various lengths.