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Cush-A-Clamp Pipe Clamps

Cush-A-Clamp is an innovative clamp for piping that is designed to quiet noisy pipes. These clamps incorporate a thermoplastic elastomer into the design that cushions the pipe and absorbs the shock and vibration of pipes eliminating excessive noise. The elastomer also eliminates metal-on-metal contact which reduces galvanic corrosion and is made of a material that withstands oils, chemicals, and most cleaners. Cush-A-Clamps are channel mounted and fit any standard 1-5/8" wide channel.

The clamps are made with either electroplated steel 304 or 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and durability. A shoulder stud is designed with a controlled squeeze to prevent over tightening. We carry many of the Cush-A-Nator, Cush-A-Claw, Cush-A-Clips, Alpha, and Omega Series.

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