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Inline Strainers for Pump Protection

Inline strainers are installed prior to valves, pumps, and nozzles to keep debris out! Foreign debris including dirt, scale, metal chips and more can get into your fluid system despite all your best efforts.

Inline strainers are resistant to a variety of salts, mineral acids, solvents, and solutions, depending on the material used. It can range from steel and cast copper, to lightweight polypropylene, nylon and polyamide/glass blend. Strainers are available for a wide range of pipe sizing, from 1/4” all the way up to 1.5”. Find the right micron and mesh size to deal with the foreign debris you need to strain – check out this comparison chart! If the mesh is too fine, it can back up your system, but if it’s too wide it can let undesirable particulate through.

So protect your sensitive equipment and prevent damage to your important pumps, valves, nozzles and more by installing the appropriate strainer for your system! This cost-effective measure will save you from unwanted downtime and premature equipment failure. Order your strainer body and replacement parts today – make sure you have extra strainers as well as screens on hand to keep your systems up and running!

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