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Berkeley Booster and Centrifugal Pumps

Berkeley specializes in centrifugal pumps, with their stainless steel and multi-stage booster pumps being some of the best options on the market. The brand has a history dating back to 1937, where they were first used for irrigation purposes in Central California. Berkeley has evolved to serve industries like car washes and manufacturing by developing professionally engineered pumps that deliver years of efficient operation and impressive durability. Lines like their SSCX Series offer high head performance, efficiency, and quiet operation with incredible corrosion resistance. Their multi-stage booster pumps offer the extra power you need if your city/municipal water pressure is low, or you need a boost to transfer water around your facility to reach your equipment.


Berkeley SSCX Series

SSCX is a line of durable Berkeley centrifugal pumps. They are made of 304 stainless steel, which is ideal for environments like car washes where corrosion resistance is crucial. Use them for transferring chemicals like soaps and presoaks without worrying about failure from corrosion! SSCX pumps feature high-head performance and quiet operation. These high-volume pumps are available in a variety of different GPM capability so you can find the pump with specs that will fit easily into your existing system.

Berkeley MGP and MGPS Series

Arguably some of the most durable booster pumps on the market, MGP and MGPS pumps can move a large volume of water to your reverse osmosis, filter, and other car wash equipment. Maintaining constant fluid flow means equipment doesn't run dry and car wash customers always see consistent operation in bays and tunnels, ensuring an optimal washing experience.

Types of pumps available:

  • Berkely car wash pumps
  • Berkeley booster pumps
  • Berkeley irrigation pumps
  • Berkeley jet pumps
  • Berkeley well pumps