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Goulds Pumps

Goulds is a highly recognizable and respected brand in the pump industry. They manufacture quality centrifugal and booster pumps that serve industries like oil & gas, car wash, power generation, pulp & paper, and more. Their centrifugal pumps are known for being tough and durable while having an impressively compact footprint. They offer a number of models and variations with different flow rates and impeller sizes to meet the needs of your application. Their multi-stage booster pumps are a great solution when your city/municipal water needs more pressure or you’re experiencing issues with low water flow around your facility. Shop Gould’s selection to find the horsepower, phase number, or flow rate specifications that will satisfy your requirements.

Goulds Pumps is a brand owned by parent company ITT, a leader in the production of industrial pumps, valves, and fluid control equipment.

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Popular Series from Goulds Pumps

We have pump options from the most popular Goulds series, designed for a variety of applications. Once you figure out the series that matches the type of pump you're looking for, check the individual specifications to find the exact model you need!

  • NPE Series
  • GB Series
  • LB Series
  • J5S Series
  • E-HM Series
  • MCS Series
  • S-Group