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General Pumps

General Pumps is a trusted name in high-pressure cleaning industries like pressure washing, facility cleaning, and car washing. General builds extremely durable, long-lasting pumps with impressive details like anodized aluminum crankcases, oversized connecting rods, and forged brass manifolds. General has great series like their Emperor, CW, T, and Evolution that offer slightly different advantages for different applications. Learn more about each series, then figure out what you need for important specifications like pressure rating, flow rate, inlet/outlet port size, and shaft size – General Pump is sure to have exactly what you need!

Since General Pumps are high-quality, you can feel confident knowing that they will provide a long lifespan if you service and maintain your pump properly. We stock OEM parts lie O-rings, seals, valves, and packings to get your pump back to peak functionality. You can even do a full rebuild and add many years of use to maximize the value of your initial pump investment.

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