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Official Sta-Rite Pumps

Sta-Rite offers water booster, jet, reclaim, and submersible pumps that transfer water efficiently and economically. Sta-Rite is a brand produced by Pentair, a respected water management company devoted to smart, sustainable solutions. Sta-Rite has pump options for everything from pools to wells to car washes, with varying specifications to meet the exact needs of your application. These pumps are carefully engineered and built with corrosion resistant materials that mean they offer reliable performance and a long lifespan.

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Sta-Rite Pump Manuals

Sta Rite's lines of precision-engineered pumps are designed to deliver efficient and dependable performance even in the most challenging water conditions. Resources are available to support your installation as well as routine maintenance or repairs when necessary.

You'll find instructions for installation and repairs in your Sta-Rite pump's manual. The manual for your Sta Rite pump will also contain diagrams and parts lists specific to your model. You can usually find a copy of the manual below the pricing information on each of our product pages, simply click on the PDF listed on the page to view.