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Pump Pulleys - Transferring Power to Your Pump!

Power transmission pulleys work with power transmission belts to relay the power generated by an engine to the drivetrain of your pump. These pulleys – available as V-belt, timing belt, and round belt versions – mount to the driveshaft of the pump. They are then joined with the engine through a belt to provide the transmission of power.

Pump pulleys come in a variety of forms, including standard single- or double-groove pulleys, variable-pitch pulleys, stepped pulleys, and idler pulleys. While most pulleys are made of cast iron for superior durability, nylon blends are also available.

Pump pulleys must be sized correctly to your application. Incorrect pump RPM will adversely affect pump performance, and the wrong pulley will create incorrect RPMs. We carry a wide selection of diameters, finishes and groove positions, so you can get the correct pulley to have your pump running at maximum efficiency.