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Aquatec Diaphragm Pumps

Aquatec offers high-quality diaphragm pumps that work well at car washes, beverage and water delivery, industrial water transfer, and more! These electric-operated pumps feature thermal caps for safe use and optimal temperature control. Aquatecs are available in a variety of PSI ratings, seal materials, and other specs to get the right pump for your application. Trust Aquatec for pumps that offer reliable performance and great service life!


Why Should You Trust Aquatec Pumps?

  • Aquatec adheres to a "better pieces make better pumps" philosophy. All Aquatec pumps are built with only the highest quality components, including proprietary elastomers, pro-grade fasteners, and powder-coated diecast pieces.
  • They only use 1-piece, non-perforated diaphragms that eliminate leaking since screws and fasteners don't go through the diaphragm.
  • Their patented clamping system provides long overall product life, even when used constantly at high pressure levels.
  • Patented diaphragm wobbler construction boasts unique geometry and available anti-friction coating that improves product performance and increases pump lifespan.
  • Motors in Aquatec pumps use extra heavy gauge shells and the best ceramic magnets available. Those components provide maximum torque and operating efficiency, enabling their pumps to operate at high pressures or lower amperages than comparable models.