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Protect Your Equipment with Y-Type Strainers

The simple but most cost-effective way to protect your equipment from unwanted contaminates!

Y-type strainers mechanically remove solids and other particulates when fluid flow through them. When you install Y-Type line strainers ahead of injectors, spray nozzles, pumps, and valves, you prevent particles from moving into those downstream components. This can include sand, dirt, grit, rust particulates, and anything else that can be carried in liquid. By keeping these particulates out of your downstream equipment, you can save money, prevent downtime, and increase the life of your equipment.

Y-type strainers are called that because they resemble the letter Y. The body can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and bronze, to work with a variety of chemicals and fluids as needed. An internal wire mesh straining screen can be cleaned and replaced to continue using the fluid system as needed. Different mesh sizing can range from size 3 to size 400, depending on the flow needed and the particulates that need to be kept out of your fluid system.

Kleen-Rite carries a great selection of Y-type strainers. On top of this, we also carry the replacement strainers, seal kits, and other parts needed to keep your Y-type strainer in perfect working order!