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Pump Belts for Power Transfer

Pump belts are used to transfer power from a motor to your pump. These are flexible belts made of rubber that can be shaped as needed to fit the space and location of your pump and motor. These are mounted to pulleys, and these components allow the engine to transmit power from its rotational shaft to the rotational shaft of a pump.

There are three general types of belts. V-belts are wedge-shaped, fitting into v-shaped grooves, to maintain tension. Timing belts provided greater precision, thanks to specifically-spaced teeth which mate to the pulleys. These teeth offer different levels or torque and flexibility, for incredibly accurate timing of each rotational component. Round belts can be cut and welded, and fit through drive systems with twists and turns.

These belts are constructed of fabric and rubber bodies, reinforced with polyester cords for superior resilience. They are available in a range of sizes to work with different pulley sizes and pump room spacing. Match up with your existing belt, for measure your components properly when you’re building out a new power transmission system. We carry a huge selection of belts in various sizes, textures, finishes and brands. We are sure to have whatever you may need, in stock and ready to ship at unbeatable prices.