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Hydra-Cell High-Pressure Pumps

Hydra-Cell pumps famously feature a sealless design that cuts down on maintenance and downtime for repairs. Plus, they can process a wider range of fluids with varying degrees of viscosity, as well as fluids that contain abrasives and particulates. These positive displacement can run dry without damage and boast multiple diaphragms to reduce pulsation - often eliminating the need for costly pulsation dampeners. Hydra-Cell's tough diaphragm pumps are used in demanding applications like farms, car washes, and processing plants. Hydra-Cell products are designed and supported by Wanner Engineering, and they are thoroughly tested before they leave the factory. Hydra-Cell is a great choice for busy car washes looking to make a serious investment in pumps built to last a long time.

Don't forget! We carry an extensive selection of repair and replacement parts if you need to service your Hydra-Cell pump. Buy OEM parts to ensure you get the most from your pump! Plus, we have genuine Hydra-Cell oil so you can be confident you're properly lubricating your pump.

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