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Hypro Pumps for Your High Pressure Application!

Hypro pumps are global leaders in productive, durable pumps for use in industry, agriculture, and more! Producing reliable centrifugal and roller action pumps, Hypro has been leading the way since 1947.

These pumps are best-in-class solutions that combine productivity and precision for spraying and fluid transfer. Resilient components make them perfect for dealing with viscous and corrosive fluids, including soaps, detergents, emulsives, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, aromatic solvents, and more. We carry a range of Hypro pumps to meet pressure and flow requirements across various applications. Browse our inventory of Hypro pumps below in order to find the perfect pump for your facilities.


Hypro Roller Pumps

Hypro's line of roller pumps are an economical choice for those who need to move chemicals and solutions to spraying applications. They are ideal for applications like car washes, farms, and landscaping. The rollers inside these pumps revolve inside the housing on an eccentric profile to force spray solution through the pump which then develops pressure and flow. They boast a compact profile with a simple but effective mechanical design to provide a low initial cost pump that is extremely versatile. Hypro roller pumps are self-priming and easily adapt to PTO or gas engine drives. Specific seal, roller and casting materials can be selected for compatibility with certain herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.