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Norgren Air Filters and Regulators


Air regulators prevent the buildup of excessive pressure by reducing air pressure in your lines. When the pressure reaches the maximum set threshold, it will reduce the pressure protecting the equipment down the line. You can set the pressure to match the requirements of the equipment integrated with your air lines. There is general purpose, high flow, pilot operated and special purpose pressure versions of regulators. You can purchase models equipped with a pressure gauge or ones without, so you can select the gauge before. We stock many options so you can pick the best regulator to match the specifications of your equipment.


Miniscule particulates can prematurely wear out parts, clog orifices, and even damage your equipment. Norgren manufactures three different types of filters designed for specific applications to remove these damaging particles from your air system!

  • General-purpose filters remove water particles ranging from 40-to-5-microns.
  • Pureaire oil removal filters eliminate oil droplets and fine particles as small as 0.01 microns.
  • Ultraire oil vapor remove oil vapor.

Eliminating contaminants in the air flowing to your equipment will also help to deliver results that will impress your customers.

We carry a wide range of Norgren products to match the maximum pressure of your equipment, size and threading of the piping, and many other specifications. Should you need to repair your regulator or filter, we stock a multitude of parts and kits that will get your equipment back up and running quickly. Perfected over 80 years of operation, Norgren equipment is reliable and will deliver many years of service!